Hello world!

Ahh, Art Clay. What can I say?(Ooh, that rhymed! I’m so neat.)  So anyway, I wanted to make a pendant in silver that I’ve never seen. So first I have to carve it, then create a mold, them mold the silver. “Simple!” you say. NOT! First I tried carving the figure in soap. No go. Of course, when I think about it now, I probably shouldn’t have used a serious moisturizing soap. Too soft and squishy. Then I tried straight polymer clay. No again. It doesn’t have the strength and stiffness(no jokes, please) required. So next I used Sculpey Firm, especially formulated for the artist with the ability to be carved. I tried it three different ways: created the piece in toto, then baked to cure. Too large and a little flimsy. Carved the piece out of a block of clay then baked. Good size but not enough detail and kind of a weird consistency. And finally, over-cured(by accident) a block of clay to carve into and create a stamp. I was bummed at first because the over-baking create a solid block that little would carve. But then, EUREKA!!! I thought of my Dremmel! It worked and I am now the possessor of  a carving AND mold of my pendant. Stay tuned to find out if the silver set properly and picked up the detail, because attempt 1 didn’t work…


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