“…Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–“

I have been filing, and filing, and filing… lol I finally finished smoothing(and filing) the piece I was working on. I now have to fire it so I need to find someone with a kiln I can use. This piece is a little too big to fire by torch, but I did some other pieces that I have already fired. They were so easy to smooth, now that I have the proper tools! Joy!

I have also been working on the collar to support this insanity I designed. It’s woven sterling silver beads and I really want to use some soft leather for the ends. I finally had to buy a pair of gloves to get the texture and colour I want. I have found my leather needle, but I can’t find my leather punch! I am reduced to making the holes with a sail needle. Incredibly inefficient! Oh, well.


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